Making Beale Pianos by James A. Beale

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A wonderful gift for Beale Piano lovers. Your instrument is a piece of Australian music history, and this book by Octavius Beale’s grandson illustrates how pianos like yours came to be. Fantastic coffee table book. Price includes postage to anywhere in Australia.

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A treasure trove of photos from the Australian Beale factory, compiled by James A. Beale – grandson of Octavius Beale. This wonderful book illustrates the manufacture of Beale Pianos from the largest piano factory in the southern hemisphere.

Octavius Beale established a plant that covered every aspect of manufacturing – raw materials went in and finished pianos came out – creating Australian made pianos with his (and Vader’s) unique steel wrest tuning design.

“110 page book of photographs and family archival material including a re-print of the 1910 original Beale, full colour catalogue. This amazing collection titled Making Beale Pianos is a precious account of private family history…This will be the best Beale present you could get for Christmas.” – Wayne Stuart OAM (Director, Stuart and Sons)

This pictorial journey concludes with a copy of the 1910 catalogue of Beale Pianos, detailing the different models. Total of 110 pages – all thick gloss photo stock. Spiral bound to allow every page to lie flat (ideal for a coffee table). Produced in Australia by James Beale with the help of his son Richard Beale.

Due to the small number of copies produced, and the high quality of the pages, this is a valuable book. We are selling this book at a price that just covers costs.

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