Ecommerce Website Package

AUD$6,270.00 Inc GST


We are often asked – how much for an ecommerce website? Well, here’s a package of everything you need to get your business online – at a good price.

We are programmers and web developers, and while we can create a completely custom website for you, most people don’t need that. Instead, how about a package where we create an ecommerce website – hosted on fast servers in Australia – like this website. This package is designed for Australian businesses who want a fairly standard website to sell something, and want to be able to add their own content and products.

For an online business, you need:

  • Domain name  – like
  • Website setup – preferably one you can edit yourself with a CMS (Content Management System) – like WordPress
  • Ecommerce setup – including ability for your customers to pay via PayPal and credit card
  • Email – like
  • Hosting – preferably on a fast Australian server
  • Search Engine Optimisation and listing your site with Google

We can do all of this for you. We will set it all up, and then you can edit it to your heart’s desire. The idea here is we do the hard work, lay the foundations, and then you look after your content and your products.

This package includes:

  • 12 months registration of a domain name (unless you wish to use an existing domain name)
  • Website hosting for 12 months, and then access to our hosting for $1100 per year (very large, busy or complex sites may cost more, but this covers most sites)
  • Set up Google Apps for Business (G-suite) for domain based email
  • Website setup using WordPress (including our standard ecommerce build with a firewall and anti-spam protection)
  • Ecommerce setup using WooCommerce (the world’s most popular online shopping system running on over 40% of all ecommerce websites)
  • Simple, clean website layout using WooCommerce’s Storefront theme (like
  • Paypal and Stripe (credit card) payment gateways configured
  • Pass invoices to Xero Accounting if you use Xero (note – this is one way passing data to Xero)
  • Simple Invoice layout and invoice generation from within woocommerce
  • Setup of one shipping rate and method with tracking
  • Setup of Australian GST
  • Listing your site with Google, and basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

At the end of this you will have a fully functioning ecommerce website. When completed, your customers will be able to:

  • Search and view your products
  • Add them to a cart
  • Complete the checkout, paying with paypal or a credit card
  • They will then receive email confirmation of their order, and once you have filled their order, a tax invoice and shipping information
  • Customers can also create an account, review products, and leave comments on the site

You will be able to:

  • Edit page content (and add more pages)
  • Edit the design of the site
  • Add as many products as you like
  • Add as much information as you like – to the products, to separate pages, or to a blog as part of the site.
  • Manage customers
  • Receive payments through paypal and stripe (credit cards)
  • Manage orders and invoices in the site and Xero (if you use Xero)

What you need to do (what’s not included):

  • Provide the content. We will add a home page, contact, and basic store pages, but you need to provide the content for them. You can add more pages at any time yourself.
  • Enter the products. We will add up to 10 products or variations as part of the package, and show you how to add more.
  • Set up accounts with PayPal and Stripe, and provide login details for those accounts so we can integrate them
  • Set up Xero if you want to pass invoices to Xero and provide login details for Xero.
  • Look after your own customers. Just to be clear, we are helping you set up a website, not running your business 🙂
  • Pay for ongoing web hosting after the initial 12 months. This package includes 12 months hosting on our fast Australian servers.
  • Pay for any additional work. We will get you going, and provide support for hosting issues. And once you see what you can do, you will probably want to do more with your website. We’re happy to help, and for clients hosting with us our rate is $110 per hour. Some examples would be if you wanted a moving video background, or if after the site is set up, you want to create a new look invoice or change the site theme. One of the benefits of using WordPress and WooCommerce is there are so many resources available online for free. We want to empower you to shape your own site, and we’re there to help when you need us.
  • Point your domain name to our servers (if you have an existing domain name). If we set up a new domain name, we will point it to our servers for you.
  • Pay for Google G-suite each month for email (you pay Google directly for this, but if is a new account, we can hook you up with a small discount). Google’s rates about about $6 per month per mailbox.


  • Depending on our schedule, we can usually set up a new ecommerce site in about 2-4 weeks, as long as you provide content and accounts (Paypal, Stripe and Xero).
  • Payment is required in advance.
  • The 12 months hosting commences when we commence work on your project.


  • Ideally you are a small business wanting to sell a product online, are reasonably computer literate, have time to put into a website, and value decent results over the cheapest possible option.
  • Not to be used as a Point Of Sale system, or in any high pressure environment (it is very risky using web based software in retail)
  • We encourage a culture of respect. We really do try to help our clients and always look for the win-win. We prefer to deal with people with a similar outlook. We don’t use tricks on Google, fake reviews or buy likes. We’re not into trying to cheat the system or trick customers.
  • No adult, illegal or unethical content or products.
  • An enjoyment of bagpipes is not essential, but it helps.

Please feel free to contact Daniel Bingham ( to discuss your particular situation – we have helped many businesses in different industries and have a range of solutions to help you, and are more than happy to tailor a package just for you.


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