Canmore Pipe Bag Hybrid 4 Collar with Zip

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This is our favourite pipe bag. If you want to buy a Canmore Bagpipe Pipe Bag in Australia at a good price – here it is!

Hybrid – with a zip

This bag is amazing. Synthetic inner, with a hide outer. I had an older synthetic bag on my bagpipes, and it just felt flimsy and it was difficult to strike it in cleanly, but I wanted a synthetic bag so avoid all the bag dressing mess and inability to clean out the bag well that you get with a hide bag. So this hybrid bag is the perfect solution. It gives you the feel and weight of a hide bag on the outside, but with the low maintenance of a synthetic inside. Oh, and it has a zip too. I lost a chanter reed with this bag, and it only took seconds to zip the bag open and find the reed. It also makes it easier to fit the blowpipe and drone stocks.


It’s pretty easy to fit it too – no tying in – you just push the blowpipe and drone stocks in place, and then attach the chanter stock with the supplied o-ring and hose clamp. There is tape supplied, but I don’t bother to use it – the drone and blowpipe stocks are held well in place by the rubber sockets. The fitting is made even easier by the zip. Use a little detergent around the socket to help the stock slip in place. This bag has 4 collars – rubber sockets for the blowpipe and three drone stocks. There is also a neck with hole to fit the chanter stock using a rubber o-ring (supplied) and a jubilee clip. Tip on the jubilee clip – make sure the buckle part of the clip is facing away from the rest of the bag to prevent it rubbing on the bag.

Moisture Control

Well, if you’re like me and you don’t play your pipes for too long at a time, and blow reasonably dry, there is no need for any moisture control. I run my pipes without moisture control, and can pipe for an hour at a time with no problems. But if you do need moisture control, there is a bottle trap included in the box as standard.


You can unzip the bag to allow it to dry after playing, and about once a year you should rinse out the bag (and clean the rest of the pipes) with some Milton baby antibacterial solution.


The CANMORE® Pipe Bag is guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, provided proof of purchase is available or, alternatively, 2 years from the date of manufacture stamped on the bag.


  • Canmore® Hybrid bag
  • O-ring and jubilee clip for chanter stock
  • Zip lubricant
  • Tape – Self Amalgamating
  • Bottle trap moisture control
  • Instructions

Please note: the chanter stock shown in the image is not included (the jubilee clip and o-ring are included, but not the actual stock that is part of your bagpipes). This is a right hand bag for right handed players. Left handed bags are available on request, as are other sizes and varieties of Canmore bags.

Here’s an video showing installation by Craig Munro from Wallace Bagpipes and The Red Hot Chilli Pipers:


Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 350 × 250 × 80 mm

Small 67x24cm, Medium 69x26cm, Large 72x28cm


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