Automatic Discounts

No coupons needed. No signing up to newsletters. Just excellent prices and discounts for bulk purchases. All discounts are applied automatically in your cart.

More than 1 of the same item

If you buy more than one of the same item, you will automatically receive a discount in your cart.

Two (or more) different items per order

Often, placing two or more different items in the same cart will give you a discount for both items. The system works all that out automatically.

Combined Freight

Postage costs are calculated per order, not per item. So often you won’t pay any additional postage for multiple items – especially with small, light items.

Pipe Bands

All purchases of more than one item receive a discount automatically. We have made our prices the best we possibly can, so we don’t have room to offer any additional discounts. We haven’t found a cheaper pipe band supply store in Australia, and as pipe bands usually place an order for more than one item, you get the best discount we can offer automatically.